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Searching for manufacturers, technologies of production and products for sale in Turkey

If you need to find manufacturers of certain products in Turkey, get wholesale prices and catalogs, or produce your own products - you can order our Product Search service from us. We will analyze the offers on the market and select the most suitable manufacturers for you, and also contact them and make a request for wholesale prices and catalogs.

We can also negotiate correspondence with turkish companies as representatives of your company and send you all the information translated into english. If necessary, we can order samples and send them to you by cargo, control the production of your orders and send photo reports.

If you plan to start production or expand it, you may need equipment and production technologies. In Turkey, a large number of high-quality equipment is produced at an affordable price for various industries. In addition to equipment, they also offer technologies for the production of various products, as well as full support and assistance in launching production lines.

Categories of goods for which we can make market analysis, find manufacturers, manufacturing technologies, wholesalers etc:

  • Machines, equipment and component parts (food, textiles, dishes, printing, construction, etc.)
  • Auto Parts. Spare parts for cargo and construction equipment
  • Materials and raw materials, building materials
  • Food products and equipment
  • Chemical products
  • Varnishes, paints
  • Building materials
  • Textiles and textile products (yarn, fabrics, finished products under Turkish and their brand)
  • Domestic textiles and everything for its production
  • Shoes and everything related to the production of shoes.
  • Leather and leather goods
  • Packing and Printing
  • And much more .. just write us and indicate what goods you need to find in Turkey.