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Hobby Decor Interior

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Materials for EBRU - drawing on water. Wholesale from Turkey

Kits for Ebru, Paints, Paper, Thickeners and solutions, Brushes, Trays, Dressing, Bile, Awl and comb Wholesale from manufacturers in Turkey: Cadence, Artdeco, Karin, Koza Sanat
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Copper ware, interior elements and decor from copper Turkey

Copper dishes for home and restaurants, production under your brand (mugs, kettles, pots, pots, pans, broilers, trays, etc.). Production under the order of any products from copper, brass. (according to drawings) A huge selection of copper products for the decoration of cafes / restaurants / hotels (there is a warehouse with old products). Factory in Istanbul. There is a delivery across the CIS. For a catalog and wholesale prices, write to the exporter.
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